Through site-specific installation, I explore how dynamic patterns connect landscapes and life forms, physiology and physics, death and detritus, growth and form. Just as a cell groups together with other cells to form a more complex organism, my installation process begins with the most simple and builds to the more complex. I connect one fundamental element with another and another and another until a more intricate whole is formed.


1 Landscape & Life Form.JPG

Landscape and Life Form

Site-specific installation
Governor’s Island | New York, NY
acrylic on stone, marble


4 Night Vision.jpg

Night Vision

Site-specific installation
x-rays, staple | 20 x 10 x 4 feet

4 Night Vision  detail_je.jpg

5 Necessity installlation_je.jpg


Site-specific installation
acrylic, wire | 32 x 3 x 8 feet

5 Necessity detail.jpg


Slice of Life

Site-specific installation
acrylic on papier maché, plaster, rock | 12 x 6 x 8 feet

6 Slice of Life .jpg