The relationship of the more intimate to larger collective experience informs my work on paper.  Integrating aspects of drawing and painting with collage and the utilization of photographs, letters, and other personal documents, I explore and reconstruct intimate memories through texture, structure, and shape.



Series Dow

This series is inspired by the poetry of Mark Dow. His work often encapsulates the human conversation in a series of dynamic trajectories attracting and repelling in an orbiting circuit.

Series Dow #1 (Sun)
Collage elements, acrylic, pen on paper | 43 x 30 inches


Series Dow #2 (Moon)


Series Dow #4 (Orbs)


Series Dow #6 (Space)


Series Dow #5 (Orbiting)


A Moment Equals a Pulsation of the Artery

acrylic, pen on paper | 41 x 26 feet


7 detail Untitled (NETwork).jpg

Untitled (NETwork)

acrylic, pen on paper | 22 x 30 inches


Primal Burst_je.jpg

Primal Burst

acrylic, pen on paper | 22 x 30 inches


detail Moments_je.jpg

Moments and Minutes and Hours and Days and Months and Years

acrylic on paper | 41 x 26 inches